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Things you see on a walk......

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The great thing about dogwalking is the things you see.  

My particular favourite last week was a phone box in Offchurch that has been made into a book box, where people drop off books and pick new ones to read.  Genius!

I also had the experience of a hunt practice, all the hounds running round the perimeters of the fields with a couple of horses behind.  Whether you agree with hunting or not it is still a facinating sight to see the dogs all running in a line barking with excitement getting great exercise. Afterall the dog descends from a wolf which is a hunter and chases their prey and even though they have been domesticated they still have natural instincts,  it is good for them to endorse this into their play to keep them stimulated.  One of my dogs' chases squirrels and rabbits because she loves the chase, my other one is a gundog using her sight and smell, so I play games in their walks that incorporate these instincts.  I look a bit crazy at times but they love it and I have a very happy shattered dog at the end of it.

Also the views around Leamington spa, Stratford and Warwick are amazing, especially when I do dog fitness and climb those steep hills.   IMG_0089

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