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Poo bags

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Bet you're thinking why on earth would you talk about poo bags, well I am thinking about the environment. I put a lot of effort into recycling and I have found out that it can take 1000 years for these plastic bags to degrade

When I do poop patrol in my garden I use 2 carrier bags but now I have to pay 5p it got me thinking what are my alternatives? This is my opportunity to change for the good of the envirionment.

I have tried many alternatives from nappy bags to expensive poo bags to bio degradable food waste bags.  I have now decided the eco bag extra large I purchased from a pet shop are the best for my poop patrol in the garden.  They are quite big and I can put straight in my green bin, perfect.  They are pricey at £9.95 for 300 which is 3p per bag cheaper than a carrier bag and look after the environment.

I usually pay £2-£3 for poop bags from pet stores but I have found good robust, large and fragranced bags from many shops such as pound stores for as little as 1p a bag which do the job.  However I now buy mine from Amazon, 750 to a box called Pogis eco friendly.  Bonus you get free poo bag holders too.  I keep trying different ones to see if I can save money and get quality but still go back to Pogis.  There are so many eco friendly bags now, some on rolls, some with handles, some fragranced and all different colours.  We all have a preference, mine is reasonably thick and quite large but if you have a small dog they seem pretty pointless.  Whatever your size and preference you should always choose eco friendly and think of the environment.

Now my mission is to try a smaller eco bag for the dogwalks that doesn't damage my pocket, when you have a few dogs to walk that can be quite a lot of bags in a day.  So let the mission commence.........


You will be pleased to know that I have no photos to support this subject!

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