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Poo bags

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Bet you're thinking why on earth would you talk about poo bags, well I am thinking about the environment.  I put a lot of effort into recycling and I have found out that it can take 1000 years for these plastic bags to degrade

When I do poop patrol in my garden I use 2 carrier bags but now I have to pay 5p it got me thinking what are my alternatives? This is my oppotunity to change for the good of the envirionment.

I have tried many alternatives from nappy bags to expensive poo bags to bio degradable food waste bags.  I have now decided the eco bag extra large I purchased from Trust pets are the best for my poop patrol on the garden.  They are quite big and I can put straight in my green bin, perfect.  They are pricey at £9.95 for 300 which is 3p per bag cheaper than a carrier bag and look after the environment.

I usually pay £2-£3 for poop bags from pet stores but I have found good robust, large and fragranced bags from the pound store on Bath St, Leamington, 100 bags for £1 that is 1p each.  I use these for my dogwalking as they have tie handles too, nice and easy when you are trying to control a few dogs.

Now my mission is to try a smaller eco bag for the dogwalks that doesn't damage my pocket, when you have a few dogs to walk that can be quite a lot of bags in a day.  So let the mission commence.........

You will be pleased to know that I have no photo's to support this subject!

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