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7 months down the line....did I make the right decision?

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So now I have been up and running this dogwalking business for 7 months what do I think? Did I make the right decision? Should have I stayed in my stable well paid job?

What do you think?

I have walked in all weathers, got soaked to the skin, hailed on, nearly blown to another field with the winds but I have loved it.  After working indoors for so long and sometimes never seeing daylight I did not care about the weather, I just got used to it.


I have met some lovely people along the way, got to cuddle loads of dogs, learnt more about dogs, learnt more about technology, got fitter and finally have a great work life balance.  I still work 7 days a week but it doesn't feel like it as I am doing something I love.


Everyone who knows me keeps telling me how great I look, looking healthier, happier and all the stress from my face and posture has gone.  Yippee!

I look at the people I used to work with or along side and they are stressed, unhappy, tired, lost their zest for life and looked drained, I think geez that used to be me :-(

I am so glad I am not that person anymore and I am me again.

I walk with lovely dogs who are characters, sometimes walks can be challenging because, like people, not all dogs get on and they can fall out over nothing, like kids in a playground then best buds again in 5 minutes.  

Some people have said to me dogwalking what an easy job??!!!!  Really!!  I walk 5-6 hours a day, time management does not allow for traffic, dogs refusing to go back on a lead to go back to the van, dogs jumping in muddy puddles so you have to clean them before you take them home, dogs refusing to leave the pond and the list is endless, dogs on leads pulling your arm sockets out because they've seen a rabbit before you and of course having eyes in the back of your head for poop patrol and what they are all up to.  So yes really easy :-)

Would I go back to my old job? Noooooooooooooooo

The only thing I stress about now is where can I fit a holiday in???????


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