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Puppy training doesn't stop after 8 weeks!

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So many people go to puppy training classes, some have 1-2-1 trainers and some just go it alone, it doesn’t matter which path you choose to train your pup, what matters is that the training should NOT stop after a few months.

Dog training is ongoing, I still train my 10 year old Rottie! Yes that’s right, it keeps her stimulated, gives her a purpose and she loves it.

Your dog goes through many stages, the young pup that never leaves your side, the older pup who has now found some confidence and is pushing boundaries, then there is the adolescent dogs that push your buttons of patience, the young adult dog that still loves to party, then we have the adult dog that is starting to settle down being much calmer and chilled, then finally the senior years which can cause unwanted behaviours because of frustration or pain and can no longer do the things they used to. YES just like our life cycle!


We need to keep our dogs stimulated and happy so training, whether it be fun stuff or serious, is a great way of enriching our dogs lives.  It doesn’t have to be daily or for hours, I incorporate 5 mins of training on my dogs walks as it breaks the walk up for them.

Your dog needs guiding through all stages of its life, I get into the habit of training mine daily whether it be something they are good at, something new or something they haven’t done in ages.  They look so happy when we train so why stop when they are good dogs.  When they get good at something challenge them, make it harder, make them use their brain.

Puppies need guiding through their life for the first 2 years at least as they go through a lot of stages including those dreaded hormonal ones.  With their hormones all over the place which creates a challenging time with their behaviour, your guidance and training can help them go through a reasonably smooth transition without any casualties (mainly apologies on their behalf).

group training

If you are doing this alone without a trainer that’s fine, there are plenty of places you can go for advice.  However, investing in a trainer is a good shout from puppyhood to young adult, you have professional advice on tap, someone to talk to about your frustrations who understands and share stories with.  Well I would say that as I am a trainer BUT I have not always been one.  I have brought dogs up on my own and with trainers and I can honestly say hand on heart using a trainer was a godsend.  Always lots of knowledge and advice which saved me loads of time googling, also not having to troll through lots of conflicting advice from people who think they know everything about dogs on social media sites, which to be honest leaves you even more confused.  Trainers spend lots of time and money studying and keep up to date with research and studies on dogs and their behaviour.

Ultimately, you need to think why YOU got a dog, what YOU want from your dog, what YOU want to do with your dog in the future and how YOU see your life with a dog.  When you know the answer to those questions you can pick out the right training plan for YOU and your dog plus the right trainer for YOU.

So, enjoy your training and make it fun it will only make your relationship stronger and your dog happier.


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