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  1. Puppies are so cute, don't you just want to cuddle them all the time?  Those cute doeful eyes, the hug me body language, the puppy aroma but what is the reality?  Sleepless nights, bites, scratches, chewed furniture, cleaning up wee and poop constantly, not so cute at 3am when they are crying for a wee and your attention.

    What you have to remember is this is short term, with the right advice and training you will have a super adult dog.

  2.  I really enjoy having a nice coffee and snack when out with the dogs, it gives me time to chill with them. It’s important that the dogs learn some social etiquette and by taking them to coffee shops, pubs and cafes you can teach them to lie down and relax. I can tell you it’s challenging with my 3 dogs, however my partner has 2 dogs too so when we are all together it can be entertaining. We do tend to find places with outside areas and space when there are 5 dogs but if I have 1 or 2 of mine then we will go inside.

  3. Bet you're thinking why on earth would you talk about poo bags, well I am thinking about the environment. I put a lot of effort into recycling and I have found out that it can take 1000 years for these plastic bags to degrade

    When I do poop patrol in my garden I use 2 carrier bags but now I have to pay 5p it got me thinking what are my alternatives? This is my opportunity to change for the good of the envirionment.